Somerset Colorado

Mine dewatering pumping facility

Project value 1.8 million

Construction of a new facility with high volume vertical turbine pump, holding pond, overflow facility, control/telemetry new building with shop.


Water Management 

Engineer SGM Glenwood Springs

Construction of new waste water facility

Project value 3.2 million

Project involved construction of 2 million gallon concrete digester individual cell tank

Two operating building with pump, aeration and control facilities, plant and yard piping.


Mid Valley Metro Dirstict  

Kobe Pump Station

Construction of the Kobe Development Project, Raw Water Pump Station Debeque, CO

Project value 1.7 million

Construction new aeration style basin system

Engineer SGM Glenwood Springs

Project involved excavation of cells, liner with leak detection system, substantial dewatering system, aeration system with control building and electrical, and telemetry systems.


Con - Sy, Inc.

Town of Carbondale  

Battlement Mesa 2017  

Nettle Creek Water Treatment Plant

Project value 1.6 million

Construction of new plant to include upgrades to existing plant, new building with filtration tanks, pump systems, concrete basins, overflow ponds, and site work.


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OWL Oil Field Water logistics

Meeker containment cell with leak detection system.  Construct triple lined disposal cell for gas field drilling materials in the Meeker Rio Blanco county area.  Excavation of 100,000 CY Colorado lining install liner system.

West Elk Coal Mine 

South Rifle Waste Water Facility


719 Arrowest Rd.

Grand Junction, CO 


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Our most recent wastewater project, Areator Basin Replacement Project finished in August 2017