Our most recent land developmet project started in November, currently in progress 


719 Arrowest Rd.

Grand Junction, CO 


American Lane Subdivision, Aspen, CO 2017  

SG Interests

Construct dual holding ponds for Gas Field operations in the North Fork Valley.

Ponds are double lined with HDPE leak detectable systems.  Approximately 300,000 cubic yards of earthmoving Liner system provided and installed by Colorado Lining.

Con - Sy, Inc.

Our most recent land development project started in November, currently in progress is tunnel and pipeline installation to the dam.  

Land Development / Subdivision Projects 

Harvey Gap Dam Outlet Rehab Phase 2 Garfield, County  2017 

Ph: 970-549-1270

Fax: 970-549-1269

West Elk Coal Monument Reservoir Dam Repair

$3 Million dollar project

Repair dam outfall system, Line entire dam with clay seal, rip rap and sand drainage layers to stabilize the structure for mining activities underground.

Ph: 970-549-1270

Fax: 970-549-1269