Garfield County Landfill

Construct new cell

Excavation of 380,000 CY of material

Construct Clay liner system with leak detection.

Landfill Projects 

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Our most recent landfill project finished in November

Project value:  $550,000.00  Golder Associates Inc. - Engineer
Con-Sy Inc performed Phase 5 of the Adobe Landfill Project consisting of Excavating 126,000 cy of material, Process and Haul and Place7,500 cy of Soil Liner,2,800 cy of Leachate Collection Layer Material,7,500 cy Protective Soil Cover Material, Installed 151,000 SF of Geotextile filter material between soil and leachate collection sand, construct Leachate collection pipe and trench (including perforated HDPE pipe, LCRS gravel, and construct phase termination berm along West edge of Phase 5, construct Phase Termination Berm along temporary storm water pond.


Delta County Adobe Buttes Landfill 2017  

Con - Sy, Inc.

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Ph: 970-549-1270

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